The Problem

Global rates of maternal mortality remain perilously high, with mothers are suffering throughout the world. When a woman dies, her children are much more likely to also perish and her community suffers without her hard work and positive influence. A woman should not have to lose her life to bring a new one into the world. This is what you should know:

Siri Sissrho

One mother dies every 90 seconds of everyday because of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

For every woman that dies, another 20 suffer from injury, infection or disease every minute.

Nearly half the women in the developing world deliver their babies without a nurse, a midwife, a doctor or access to crucial medical care.

More than 215 million women worldwide lack access and choice to use the modern forms of contraception, which contributes to the nearly 20 million unsafe abortions that take place every year.

Fistulas destroy the lives of millions and often occur because of pregnancies when a girl is too young.

STDs including but not limited to HIV claim millions of lives annually, disproportionately women.

An estimated 70 million women and girls worldwide have been subjected to female genital cutting. A procedure that is not only painful and traumatic, but is also the source of infections increased risks of injury during childbirth.

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