Good Works Institute, Inc. Gives WWHI Substantial Grant

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good Works Institute, Inc. granted Women's World Health Initiative a generous $10,000 for the purpose of obtaining consultants to help with the implementation and evaluation of WWHI's Senegal Program. 

The grant money will utilized to hire two international development professionals who specialize in women's and children's health. Ty Dickerson, M.D.  has expertise in effectively implementing development programs affecting women and children, and Ben Crookston, PhD, works in the field of program evaluation and research. Their combined knowledge and experience will provide WWHI with a solid process and structure for the establishment of ongoing aid programs.

Good Works Institute, Inc.'s mission is to support small non-profit organizations that are working toward the health and welfare of children and the preservation and protection of the environment.

The Good Works Institute's Board of Directors, Ann Down (Director) Doug Aanestad, Sandra Clapp, and Phyllis Hockett, select grant recipients based on the following factors:

  • Future independent sustainability of program
  • Future impact of program
  • Training and education
  • Overall community impact



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