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A True Mother’s Day Gift


SALT LAKE CITY - April 14, 2011:  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that means many people are looking up lavish brunch recipes and flower arrangements. Others, however, are opting for a more unique approach. They’re turning Mother’s Day into an occasion to help other mothers around the globe.


One local nonprofit, Women’s World Health Initiative, is offering a selection of Mother’s Day gifts — jewelry, chocolates, macaroons, note cards, soaps and lotions — where all proceeds help save the lives of mothers and children in West Africa.


Ninety percent of all gifts come from local vendors, including Pretty Little Me, Simply Eden, Salt City Patisserie, Roni-Sue's Chocolates and Card Sharks.


“When people donate in this way, it’s a truly heartwarming and beautiful way to celebrate Mother’s Day,” says Dana Allison, founder and executive director of WWHI.


WWHI helps vulnerable populations build sustainable maternal healthcare systems. In this way, mothers and their infants have access to quality, preventive care that will save them from needlessly dying during pregnancy and childbirth. A mother's survival can mean the difference of life or death for her children as well as stability and productivity within her community. WWHI is strengthening these communities by improving the lives of families and future generations.


According to the National Retail Federation, some $14 billion will be spent in the United States for Mother’s Day. That includes $2.9 billion in meals, $2.5 billion in jewelry and $1.9 billion in flowers.


To put that sum in context, it’s enough to pay for a primary school education for all 60 million girls around the world who aren’t attending school. There would be enough money left over for programs to reduce deaths in childbirth by about three-quarters, saving perhaps 260,000 women’s lives a year.


WWHI’s Mother’s Day gifts put the holiday in perspective by honoring not only one mother, but the influence all mothers have around the globe.


For more info about WWHI, visit www.wwhi.org.


About WWHI:

Since its inception, WWHI has garnered worldwide attention for its grassroots efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality in developing countries. Last summer, WWHI placed among the top 200 charities in the Chase Community Giving Campaign and was later selected as one of 17 nationwide charities to receive an additional $30,000 grant. Its mission is simple: it helps save the lives of mothers and their infants in vulnerable populations worldwide.

WWHI is a 501(c)(3)



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